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I moved to Springfield in 1982 to what was then the rural south end of Greene County. Although I have lived almost 30 years in our district, I have another 15+ years traveling the state, country and the world. My wife and I bought a house just down the road from my grandparent’s old place when I got back from Afghanistan. Shauna and I have three children, Brody (13), Bryndle (10) and Brooks (5), that impress me every day with their brilliance, creativity, and strong character.

My wife and I have been together for almost 15 years having met in Springfield by a friend I met through my mother. We work together building a life focused on God and family. Shauna worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for 15 years before finishing her Masters of Nursing Education and teaching for her Alma Mater Cox College. Our children attend Cherokee, Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, and Wanda Gray. We like the Cardinals, boating, hiking, fishing, gardening, and cultural arts.

We surround our family in a culture bonded in Christian beliefs. We are members of Southgate Baptist Church, where my wife and kids were baptized and most of our closest friends are in our Sunday School Class. Our youngest attends preschool at Kids of Creation part of the Wesley United Methodist ministry. We are also active in Upward basketball and cheerleading at South Haven Baptist Church.

After 9/11 I joined the Air Force Civil Engineers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and other locations around the world. In between deployments I went to college at OTC, Community College of the Air Force, and MSU earning degrees in Industrial Management, City Planning, Construction Technology, and Electrical & Mechanical Technology. I used my G.I. Bill for college and in return I have designed and led the construction of major projects around the world.

I am a Train Conductor for the BNSF Railroad. I enjoy working with an excellent group of men and women moving freight across the country. As an excellent company that believes in public service, BNSF has supported me on my Air Force Missions and prospect of becoming our district representative in the Missouri Assembly.

I believe when someone runs for office it is like applying for a job. I spent years gaining experience and developing insight, all the while ascertaining credibility. I have many years of proven success and established values that you can trust to work for you.


Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad

Power Production/Electrical Distribution Project Manager

442d Fighter Wing

Studied Industrial Management

Missouri State University

Studied Construction Technology

Ozarks Technical Community College

Studied Electrical Power System

Community College of the Air Force

Studied Urban and Regional Planning

Missouri State University

Studied Associate of Arts

Three Rivers College

vision Statement

I want us to build Missouri … for Missouri. We have a brilliant and dynamic culture that achieves great things. Our district has its own vibrant character that I will represent with our values and goals at heart. I will refocus our mission toward the responsibilities of government and not the waste of political ambition.

 I think experience matters when making complex decisions and vision guides the principles of those decisions. I will serve our district with service before self, integrity, and excellence – core values I swore to 18 years ago. Let’s build Missouri!


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  • Taxes
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Infrastructure
  • Economy
  • MO Education
  • Police/Fire

Taxes should be minimal and fair. The money of our economy needs to invest directly back into the entities that created the wealth. Corporate welfare pushes the tax burden to small companies and distorts the free market in a community. 

I protested both tax increases created by the last Missouri Assembly. I was the loudest voice opposing the loss of tax deductions for small businesses.

I want to end Missouri’s ranking as a top five state in corporate welfare. I want to change our status as the 50th ranking state in small business first year success. We should be constantly striving to get to a fair tax system minimalizing the burden taxes put on our economy and our families.

Legislation to diminish the 2nd amendment is likely to become more complex. The ability to defend it will require more than skilled lobbyists. Legislators will need to be able to talk to fellow legislators with intellectual authority.

As a Veteran Air Force Civil Engineer with the responsibilities of bare base defense, I have trained in multiple weapons and carried different firearms over several deployments. Along with being qualified in M16, M4, M9, M240, and M249, I am a decorated marksman. My wife and I own home defense weapons and train our family to be safe and secure.

New efforts of legislation put the mechanical operation of a firearm at risk by limiting the performance. Not only does this make the weapon less safe, it will make people less safe.

My entire life I have used firearms for sport and hunting. I also understand it is the responsibility of the people to protect our country and the principles of democracy.

Missouri is now over $950 million behind on highway maintenance. We are almost $2 billion behind on facility maintenance. We are borrowing money to get grants from the Federal Government (they are borrowing money to give) that are meant for special concept projects to help us with the backlog of basic maintenance. Internet access to hundreds of thousands of Missourians is held up by red tape and bureaucracy.

As a Veteran Air Force Civil Engineer and experience with transportation planning, I can help our state get caught up utilizing our resources more efficiently. I have been involved in the design and/or construction of highways, bridges, runways, parks, river levees, power grids, water supply distribution, sewer treatment, hospitals, training facilities, and many more commercial/residential projects. I went to college and earned degrees with emphasis in Infrastructure Planning, Construction, Drafting, Cost Management, and Industrial Management.

New efforts of legislation add more bureaucracy to the infrastructure development process. Anyone with experience in construction knows how that affects project management. I will foster cooperation between Missouri and our industries to build cost-effective and lucrative infrastructure.

We need more development experience in Jefferson City - not more lawyers and bureaucracy. We have projects in our district that are left without representation. I will be our voice and ready to lead. Let’s build Missouri.

We are getting ready to build a new economy in Missouri, and I want to focus on local business. Instead of trying to bring in foreign investors, let’s create a culture that looks locally first. From having the best beef in the world to highly crafted products, we can be a leader in the new economy.

I have worked in our economy for more than 30 years. Throughout my youth I usually held two or three jobs fighting to get ahead for my future. I have managed restaurants, industrial logistics, built infrastructure, worked in two factories, sold suits in retail, and currently own rental property. I hold a business degree and have studied the process of building and designing a factory or retail business.

Throughout my entire career in business and government service, my workers know that I buy local. I want my supplies and services to come from people I know, or I might know. My campaign signs were purchased within the district. My website is designed and managed in Springfield, and my mailers will come from Missouri.

We are strategically located in the heart of America to obtain resources, process them, and distribute to customers. I want Missouri to grow through the ingenuity of our community. I genuinely believe we have a strong culture of entrepreneurism and work ethic that, with focus on Missouri first, will grow from within.

Education is the greatest investment people can make for their community. Consistently, research shows education and training have the biggest returns in dollar and function.

I have been involved in many aspects of our public education; from Jeffries Elementary to Missouri State, I was grateful for the opportunities afforded me. I went to OTC and earned a Construction Technology degree. While also participating in sports, student government, choir, and theatre, I earned an Associate of Arts and Technical Science degrees attending Three Rivers College and the Community College of the Air Force. Earning a minor degree in Community and Regional Planning, I was able to work on city planning projects with Springfield, Joplin, Ava, Halfway, and Bonne Terre. I had two internships with the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks and was active in Construction Club and Cartography Club. My Industrial Management education focused on cost management and facility design with an internship redesigning a manufacturing line and a project with Habitat for Humanity.

In the Air Force I am responsible for training my Airman in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering concepts. I recognize how much is involved in the lesson planning and laboratory work to raise up a student to later succeed in our mission, but I witnessed Airmen build power grids, save a critical remote power supply, and catch a damaged aircraft- saving a pilot’s life, so I also know the reward that comes from teaching.

My wife is a Professor at Cox College helping to develop curriculum and educate future health professionals. She has been recognized for her work with a Daisy Award and nominated for Springfield Health Educator of the Year.

The education environment is changing, and it is through these recent societal lessons we should learn and build from. While we saw how the increase of online education can promote learning, we also found it has limitations. Aside from a lack of internet infrastructure, we also learned that laboratory work, personal environments, and our amazing teachers cannot be replaced with a screen. I will support Missouri education with the ambition of making us the greatest place to grow our Intellectualism, Craftmanship, and Entrepreneurship.

Springfield has joined the other two metros of Missouri in the top 10 most criminal activity per capita cities in the United States. Springfield employs a highly skilled and highly rated police force, but they need the support of our community in their effort to defend our neighborhoods.

We have an extraordinary Fire Department with excellent response and reaction ability, but a similar burden is put on Fire districts with increased call volume. We enjoy cheaper insurance rates because of their efforts, but they must overcome societal risks to accomplish the ratings they achieve for us.

I worked in the Juvenile Justice System for five years and a treatment facility after that. I have firsthand experience with the needs of at-risk community. In the Air Force I was in charge of an Aircraft Arresting System response team supporting Fire Fighters during multiple IFEs (In Flight Emergencies).

There are legislation efforts putting first responders’ retirement and healthcare at risk, not to mention also risking the direct resources they need to do their job. I will make sure they have the support they need from Jefferson City.


Daniel Romine




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